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Rude for a Reason


Boys + Girls latest playful campaign prompts us to explore Ireland’s most colourfully named places with Škoda. 

With the Škoda brand relaunching a new global positioning called ‘Let’s Explore’ - Boys + Girls, the creative agency, has launched an entertaining localised campaign in collaboration with their long-term partners at Škoda Ireland. Inviting people to embark on a road trip to explore Ireland's most amusingly named towns and villages.

A lighthearted audio ad takes the audience on a giggle-inducing tour of Ireland, playfully highlighting towns like Muff, Stranagalwilly, and Lousybush. These place names may not have translated beautifully from Irish to English but are nonetheless beautiful places to visit, especially in a Škoda. 

Ciara Breen, Marketing Manager at Škoda Ireland says: “We are delighted to bring the new Škoda brand strategy “Let’s Explore” to life here in Ireland with this fun and clever localised campaign. Škoda customers’ love to explore new places, encounter new experiences and are curious for adventures. So, with this campaign we hope to inspire current and potential customers in a humorous way to get out and explore the unique and wonderful places in Ireland with the help of a Škoda vehicle. A Škoda isn’t just a means of getting from point A to point B but rather a passport to adventure.”

Beyond the radio waves, the microsite aptly titled the ‘Rude Roadtrip Generator’ encourages people to hit the road in a Škoda and discover the charm of places with uniquely humorous names. You can also put your rude place name know-how to the test with a unique Škoda place names quiz. 

Says Jake O’Driscoll, Creative Director at Boys + Girls, ‘A new year brings on a fresh set of chances to explore the country. So, why not take a break from the usual destinations and explore the beauty of Fartrin or Killywilly in an equally beautiful Škoda?’

The campaign aims to provide people with a humorous excuse for a road trip this cold and dark January. Plan yours here with Škoda’s map: